To Property Management Companies with Apartment Communities in St. Louis

When Apartment Search was founded in St. Louis in 1986, our goal was simple – to help renters (particularly renters new to the area) find exactly what they were looking for in the St. Louis rental market.

As licensed real estate brokers, we wanted to operate like our sales counterparts – keep the service free to renters, and ask the landlords to pay a fee only when they had a signed lease, payable after move-in.

We set out to develop teamwork relationships with property management companies who understood our basic goals.  With the support of local management companies, Apartment Search was born.

Today, our premise remains the same.  The benefits we bring to the property management companies we represent are as true today as they were in 1986.

  • Listing with Apartment Search is free.  Commissions are paid only when a lease is secured – and then the cost is a substantially lower marketing percentage than other advertising venues;
  • Apartment Search focuses on assisting renters new to St. Louis.  We have many long-term relationships with St. Louis corporations, real estate agencies, relocation companies, universities, employment agencies – to name a few of our customer sources.  Word of mouth has always been our biggest source for referrals.
  • The average turnaround time from the day a prospect works with one of our consultants until the day they move in is 19 days.  The average turnaround most companies experience is minimum 30 days.  For that reason alone, our service pays for itself.
  • Apartment Search relies on quality, customer service-oriented property management representation when marketing our services to human-resource departments, locally and nationally.


If you would like to learn more about Apartment Search and how we can work together to minimize your vacancies today and well into the future, call Deborah Done, Apartment Search President.  She would be delighted to meet with you, discuss your unique challenges, and begin developing a program with you to correct current issues and avoid future ones.

Apartment Search, Inc. prides itself on our dedication to customer service –both to the landlords we represent and the renters we assist – this continues to be the cornerstone of our business.

                            Apartment Search, Inc. is proud to be a regular vendor representative on the Board of the St. Louis Apartment Association.


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