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Let Apartment Search Handle Your Investment Wisely!

Thank you for your interest in the services of Apartment Search, Inc. Since 1986, Apartment Search has assisted thousands of owners in securing qualified tenants for their rental properties. Following is a list of just a few of the advantages Apartment Search provides to our individual owners:


  1. ASI enters your property into our computer database;
  2. ASI had more than 1,500 prospects through our office last year;
  3. ASI lists your property on our websites with detailed information on your property, pictures, price, pet policies, amenities, etc.;
  4. ASI has assisted with the relocation of thousands of St. Louis’ Fortune 500 employees;
  5. ASI works in conjunction with all the major real estate agencies in the metro area, as well as several relocation companies nationwide;


Our listing agreements are non-exclusive–if you rent the property on your own, or through another agency, we do not earn a commission. Our fee is based on the income generated by the lease.


ASI will handle marketing the property, showings, collection of initial deposits, processing of applications, negotiating terms, lease preparation and execution and collection of first month’s rent.


Once leases have been executed, we deduct our fee out of the monies collected from the tenant. We forward you the remainder of the monies collected with a paid invoice, copies of the executed lease, applications, credit reports etc. We also provide the tenant move-in checklists to complete after taking possession of the property.


Please contact me for more information on our listing services. We at Apartment Search look forward to working with you to secure a good tenant for your rental property.




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